Episode 27 feat 2BE

Welcome back to the Tactical Assault Mix Show! If you’re a regular, you can immediately tell we’ve made some massive changes to the format of our delivery, aiming for a more interactive experience as well as a more efficient method of getting the weekly/biweekly episodes available to you, our loyal listeners. If you’re new to the show, welcome, and thanks for joining us! Over the coming weeks, a variety of changes will be made to the site, including adding the availability of our past shows. Meanwhile, kicking off Episode 27 (and the first show of the new year might we add!) we have a man who has been dominating the Dubstep scene here in the 801. Representing Latter Day Dub, 2BE really ought need no introduction, as anyone even remotely familiar with the movement here will know the name. If this is the first time you’ve heard him get down, then you’re in for a real treat. Check it out!


Posted on July 9, 2015 and filed under Dubstep, 2BE.